Lily Has a Little Lamb

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's All About Heart

I love my language. It is so beautiful, not only in pronounciation, but in writing, too.

I wrote some Chinese words down and divided them into two groups I then outlined in pink the symbols that share an affinity in each group (see picture).

The words were:

    Group one
  1. Stable/stability
  2. In love
  3. Peaceful/silent
  4. Longing/miss

    Group two
  1. Happy
  2. Cherish
  3. Pleasant
  4. Sex
  5. Memory/memorize.

The common factor outlined in pink is the meaning of heart in these words. My Chinese ancestors taught me that love needs heart; being peaceful needs heart; missing someone needs heart; cherishing something needs heart.

Sex needs heart, too. "Body" isn't even mentioned in its vocabulary.

I have to explain that my analysis is over-simplified. I also missed out words that hold the heart emblem, but have negative meanings. My teachers from junior high and senior high may give me an E for this analysis but If I follow and explain the rules of the structure of Chinese words, it will be too complicated and boring. In this way, it becomes kind of romantic, doesn't it?

I chose "stable/stability" as the first example in the first group, because I was inspired by a post of Ali's in a conversation with his friend 'B'.

"I thought women always wanted stability in a man," he said to his friend.

She had replied, "A woman wants a man to make her tremble as she waits for him to walk across the room and get into bed, not knowing what position he'll give a whirl tonight."

I thought something was missing between these two lines at first because I thought Ali's "stability" refered to heart/love, not sex.

Stability needs heart, said my ancestor. To love and love still, how hard is it?

It's so simple really, but usually, the most simple thing is the most difficult thing. It needs not only one heart, but two, and on the subject of sex, I think that how the two hearts feel is as important as how the two bodies feel.

I loved what Ali said about slow sex between lovers, once. It was in a poem of his, and I remember the consonance inside of my heart.

So why not stablility? I vote for that.