Lily Has a Little Lamb

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cherry Blossom Season

Every last week of March and first week of April are cherry blossom season in Tokyo, like other places in Japan, this city is painted pink and white. It is the most romantic sign of spring's coming and emblem of love. Different people from different places gather at where sakura burst into blossom and their smile is as pretty as those pink and white beauties.

Old buddies,Some young photographer, happy parents with their new born family member, Japanese or foreign lovers, university freshmen, mother and son, an old married couple, and all sorts of people enjoy good meals and sakura under a night veil. In spring as well as a revival of life, various kinds of love show their vitality as well.

Soon cherry blossom season in Tokyo will come to an end this year, but new lives are just about to start.