Lily Has a Little Lamb

Thursday, March 30, 2006


This post is not really about Crash, but it is the reason why I am going to wirte the article below.

I saw Crash this Monday.

No wonder it would win the Oscar for best picture. It is a great film; however, I had a tough time in the theater. My heart ached and tears welled up in my eyes time and again. Same kind of pain stroke me when I saw The Green Mile.

Why would people hurt people like that? Why using language as an invisible knife to scar others, and lead to some more horrible act? Shouldn't the ability that we human can speak be a bridge to communicate and show our affection?

There is an unforgettable scene in my mind. It was a sunny weekend afternoon about ten years ago and I was in a botanical garden in Taipei.
Happy people surrounded me. Beautiful sunshine, beautiful flowers, beautiful family filled up the garden but nothing can compare with the couple sitting at a bench in a corner.

They were using sign language. Staring at them, the noice around me was fading out. They communicate in such a silent way, yet I felt I could understand what they were trying to express. See those eye contacts! They could tell more then my bungling mouth.

Of course I understand they can still argue with each other with sign language or just some harsh look, but at least they will not make those harsh words and noice pollution into the air. Mouth fighting can not only hurt the one we are arguing with but also often force people near them join in the storm.

Moreover, words usually come out before thinking when people lost their temper. I had lots of bad experience of this before I knew how to control. Everytime I regret right after those words poped out, especially to my parents.

One of my dream at that time is to be a mermaid, not the Disney version, though. I was overwhelmed by the peace while diving in the ocean, a world needs no speaking.

Back to the day I saw Crash. It was kind of funny that right after seeing the movie, I bumped into some lady when I went to the powder room and bumped into another gentleman while walking out of it. I did apologized politely and they did, too. What connections would there be between us? If we react in different way, what difference would it make?

I hope and I will try my best to do as well as I can whenever I walk into someone's life or someone walks into mine.

Will it lead to the wonderland called love?