Lily Has a Little Lamb

Monday, December 01, 2008


I was angry.

I was angry at myself and people I should love.

I was angry that I was captured by such strong anger.

I was angry that my inner angel didn't sing to me while I was captured by this anger.

I am glad these were all over, and I am going to talk a little bit about anger, by using Chinese character. Like the post I made before, this one is about heart and it is my own interpretation as well.

The word anger/angry in Chinese is the blue one. It is made up by two parts, which you can see in the picture, red one and the green one. The red one means slave . The green one means heart.

Hence, the meaning of anger/angry can be being a slave of one's heart, or, to enslave one's heart.

No one can or should enslave anybody else. During this whole time, I was the only inflicter and victim. My inner angel was always there to sing. I was the one who shushed her.

There is only a slight difference at the end of word anger and angel. Which one am I going to write down in my heart, I shall be wise enough to choose from now on.